My studio practice is varied. I have established a framework of categories, which I have developed over time and continually revisit. A major focus of my work has been figurative ceramic sculpture (both formal and conceptual), as well as activism-based sculpture and large-scale installation. Conceptually, I am concerned with the dialogue surrounding social critique: the complexities of identity and hidden narratives that highlight unspoken truths. I utilize the potential for narrative expression and symbolism in my work to tell these stories. Feminism, racial issues, religion and gun violence are subjects I am drawn to. I often examine the dark side of human nature.

I have been working almost exclusively with porcelain for almost 20 years. In 2018, I felt a need for change and exploration, searching for a looser approach using color. I participated in a workshop with Debra Fritts to learn more about working with red clay, and layering engobes and underglazes. Narrative research based sculpture has always appealed to me. "Lost and Found" was born during this workshop and I have wanted to get back to working in this manner ever since. Beginning in March 2020, I plan delve into an exploratory phase to dig deep into this method of working, which will be enhanced further by a residency at Buffalo Creek Arts Center in Nevada for the month of July 2020.