My studio practice is varied. I have established a framework of categories, which I have developed over time and continually revisit. A major focus of my work has been figurative ceramic sculpture (both formal and conceptual), as well as activism-based sculpture and large-scale installation. I am concerned with the dialogue surrounding social critique: the complexities of identity and hidden narratives that highlight unspoken truths. I utilize the potential for narrative expression and symbolism in my work to tell these stories. Feminism, racial issues, religion and gun violence are subjects I am drawn to. I often examine the dark side of human nature.

Sometimes I explore abstract or biomorphic territory and vessels with roots in organic matter take on an expressive human quality. I delight in this ambiguity, this duality, and this transformation.

In all of my work, formal, freeform or conceptual, I seek to find that magical moment marked by a sensorial disruption that elicits a visceral connection with the viewer.