My studio practice is varied. I have established a framework of categories over the years which I continually revisit. A major focus of my work has been the figure, which relates to my earlier career in fashion photography. I am drawn to strong modernist forms, as seen in my porcelain figurative sculpture. The result is figuration that straddles the line between realism and abstraction, my own hybrid style. I refer to art photography of nudes as my source material for this work. At times I explore biomorphic territory and vessels with roots in organic matter that take on an expressive human quality. I delight in this ambiguity, this duality, and this transformation.

Another area of my practice is driven by historical narratives, feminism and social activism. For this work, I am concerned with the dialogue surrounding social construct. I am fascinated by the complexities of identity and hidden narratives that highlight unspoken truths. My aim is to destabilize the viewer when confronting uncomfortable subject matter in the hope that it will elicit a call to social change. The subject matter can be uplifting too. Narrative sculpture and installations using multiples of iconic imagery fall into this category.

Finally, I am a curious soul. I love learning, and therefore, experiment with different clay bodies, building methods and surface treatments to examine and discover new methodology. I will often create a series of vessels to flesh out an idea and then apply what I have learned to broaden my practice. During these periods of exploration, I strive to let go of my expectations to unearth something fresh and magical.