Statement - The Figure: Abstract/Deconstructed

In this body of work, the figure is abstracted, (as in Mother and Child) and deconstructed. By deconstructed, I mean approaching the figure in unconventional terms by working with the expression of it’s parts. Muscle Man and Girly Girl developed as I was thinking about how to express masculinity and femininity through abstracted anthropomorphic shapes. Girly Girl would recall the proud stance and flirty flip of hair of a young woman, while Muscle Man’s muscles are expanding like Popeye. Clearly, I am having fun with these analogies. Adaptation began as a reclining figurative sculpture and bloomed into a sculpture with biomorphic and anthropomorphic references. I was thinking about climate change and how organisms may need to adapt to become self sufficient. This body of work is driven by the need to find the unexpected in figuration.