"A Glimmering" is a 6 ft in diameter installation of 99 pairs of wings, 13 of which are tipped in 20k gold china paint. It was shown in the exhibition "Of Art and Craft" at the Flinn Gallery in Greenwich Oct 26 - Dec 6, 2017. Following is an image story of the installation which took 2 days to install with an assistant.

The client had seen my wing installations and wanted a custom work for a wall in her home. I met with her and we decided on a random arrangment that mimicked birds flying. The looser arrangement requires fewer pairs which worked with her budget.
Testimonial -
"Yesterday was one of my best days ever. It was exciting and so much fun watching (and even helping sometimes) as you transformed a blank wall into a magical work of art. Pictures don't do it justice. You really have to see it in person. This morning, a windowpane reflection caught the large gold-tipped wings flying through it. 
Thanks, again, to you and to Crystal for a fabulous experience. I envy your talent, and am so happy that I have a result of that talent and vision in my home. It's so beautiful!"

The client was interested in a wall sculpture for a large wall in her new Block Island home. We settled on a wave motif for the sculpture, echoing the ocean just outsde. This sculpture was made in 6 segments which created a wall sculpture over 6 ft. in length.

Testimonial -
"Working with Jocelyn was wonderful.  Knowing her creative genius, I knew she would turn my concept (an ocean based wall sculpture) into a thing of beauty, custom made for our this specific spot in our Block Island home.  She allowed me as much creative input as I wanted…presenting different concepts, sizes, colors, etc. along the way.  It was fun to have some input into the process but largely I trusted Joycelyn’s instincts.  The installation was seamless and fun!  It was a brilliant experience from start to finish."
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