The JBA Signature Collection consists of unique vessels and objects created in small batches at my studio in Bridgeport, CT. I make the vessels as a reprieve from creating my larger scale sculpture to test ideas about form and surface or to try a new clay body. In short, it is an opportunity for me to play. 


Evident in these unique works is my interest in the calligraphic line inspired by Cy Twombly’s work and Japanese calligraphy. An Asian influence is present sparked by my grandmother’s collection of Chinoiserie from Paris in the 1920’s. The selection of objects is forever changing. No two works are exactly alike. 


Available from time to time are the maquettes I make as studies for my larger scale figurative sculpture.


Sold through my shop on Charish or directly through the Studio Gallery (go to Contact page). Click on any image to link to my Chairish Shop and see what is currently available!